Need + technology = business opportunity

If there is a problem then there is a technology to solve it in a techie environment. After Bangalore was recently shaken by the murder of a BPO employee by a rogue driver who switched identity and picked up the victim late at night. There is now a technology solution to the problem which makes good business sense too.

Proficio GeoTechnologies, a Bangalore-based technology firm, has announced the launch of its GIS-GPS-SMS solution called PRO-TMS. Through it, both security and efficiency are ensured, says Shashidhar S Joshi, vice-president, corporate development.

The end-to-end PRO-TMS automated software integrates routing using GIS (geographical information system), tracking vehicles using GPS (global positioning system) and system activated SMSs to communicate confidentially with those who have to be picked up.

The PRO-TMS solution enables the facility manager to generate a trip report provided to drivers who will execute the trip in terms of employee ID and address only. The drivers are not provided with the telephone numbers or names of employees to be picked up.

Once the roster is given to the transport manager, he has to ensure that the employees are picked up from their addresses directly.

A system-automated SMS is sent to each employee to be picked up confidentially, providing the driver’s name, contact number, vehicle number and the time of pickup.

As the solution readies and sends the data to each individual, a foolproof security for the BPO employee is ensured, Joshi said.

PTO-TMS ensures that a woman employee is picked up first and dropped last. The backup system further ensures the optimum use of space in a particular vehicle.

Additionally, PRO-TMS shrinks 18 man hours of logistics planning to a mere 75 minutes, he added.



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