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Good Evening, Guys!
Congratulate Me, guys! I am one of the Top 5 BlogStar declared by Contest from Microsoft. The news came to me from the Marketing guys in bangalore. To my surprise with a Air Ticket Booking from Pune to Mumbai! Cool. Thanks! But, I missed the chance of getting photographed with Steve Ballmer due to delay in flight! huh! This is India. I was very enthusiastic to meet the CEO and ask the questions based on the events and current Microsoft Strategy for Google and Open Source Technologies. (yes I will place it here, in hope that our Judge Panel, will review and send the mail to Mr. CEO). Anyways, I had the good expereince on this day. Wow, Gr8 things will happen on the Microsoft Developers Community part.

So, Finally, the things have came out from the pockets from Microsoft.. Nah! Nah! not the Dollars! but something new for the developers to earn more dollars! 😉

Yeah! The Dollars. Everyone likes it, of course, including me.
Highlights of the event!
.Net 3.0 version is out and is the new managed code programming model for Windows
MOSS 2007: Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 is the scalable portal server that connects people, teams, and knowledge across business processes Gadgets: Gadgets are compact, mini applications that surface focused single-task services and information to users in a simple, concise interface. (thats very sad, they came after Y! Widgets.)
Windows Presentation Foundation: a development tool for Web applications and rich client applications.
ASP.NET AJAX “ATLAS”: Atlas builds on the .NET Framework 2.0 and adds support for better utilizing the capabilities of client-side JavaScript and the XMLHttpRequest object.
I will definately share my thoughts one by one and the content here in my blogs. Gime some time.
Here were my Questions:
Q. Why Windows OS dont’ provide the simple small applications to the all users’ groups’?
Alike Registry Editor, the old interface with the same left and right hand pane. Man, Software applications data resides on the Register, atleast we can compact tool to edit/remove/insert in more dramatic way. Where is Registry Repair Tool? If data lost, we have to re-install OS!! huh! God Shall Bless Us!
File Comparision Tools?
Sometimes, during development phase, we are facing that some file is locked and that process terminated unexpected. So, that physically remains and Windows buzzes with the message… Can’t Delete.
Q. Why MSN Search Engine is still not preferred choice for the users over Google?
Q. Why Windows OS dont have the admin utilites like File Management, Backup & Data Syncrhosing Utilities, Anti-viruses products, PC maintainence since its OS originity?
Q. Why, as developers, still searching for the "particular" tool over the internet when we are developing using .Net with IIS? I had the example, I have been facing many a times a issue on IIS when I try to run, it prompts me with Unexpected Error 0x8….. and when I try to search, I did find nothing on the any of MS site. finally, I had to re-install my OS!!!!!
Q. What MS is thinking on GNU licence and Google started building Office Version like Google Spreadsheet?
Q. Both, desktop & web applications, of open source licensed, have increased rapidly since recent years? So How MS is going to deal?
Q. Why MS started thinking/builing or having of its own Antivrius (Microsoft One), now after decades since Windows Originity?
Q. Why I, as a .Net Developer, need to search for a solution when I stuck into a problem and couldn’t find a solution on MSDN and I ended up to have a solution on non-MS site?
Q. Why Microsoft dont’ builds the advanced controls like Infragistics / Component Art/One that are highly priced in the market?
Lastly! Please provide Simple, Short and to the Point Applications for the developers, normal users! 
I hope, I will be answered with the questions!!!!!
Guys, Please do visit on my spaces daily for more updates on IndiMix06 and for technical Stuffs! 🙂
Good Day! God Bless all!
Jagdish M Chichriya
P.S.: I was awarded Lee Jacket for the being BlogStar!. Dont’ get J!


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  1. Jagdish, as one of the judges in the BlogStar Winner, my wishes for you. While going through I enjoyed your originality. Keep it up. Continue your good work in Blog space. <a href="">Venkatarangan TNC</a>

  2. Congrats Jagdish, I was searching for you guys there. Samething happened for me, my flight was delayed by 25 minutes and I was rushed to the spot by train and luckily able to catch him on time. Just after his welcome speech and presentation, photo session was there. Myself and Daxpandhi was there for photosession…I\’ll share the photos as soon as I get from Monish, MS marketing manager (he promised to share), since private camera\’s were not allowed, I have to depend on their photo\’s only ;( Try to call me if you are in bangalore. (double nine eight six zero, six seven double six seven).
    rgds, Mahes,BLR.

  3. Hi Jagdis, today I posted someone of the photo\’s of Indimix and iinfact photo with steve also 😉
    check it in my blog.

  4. Thanks Venkatesh, Surely, I will keep that up and soon I will introduce the new blog section: OPEN SPACE where most of the general questions will be answered.
    BTW, I am still unanswered on Why Still there is no reply from Monish G for the updates on BlogStars!Do you have, any ?
    Jagdish  M Chichriya,

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