Your mobile is being hacked

Yes, your mobile is being hacked,
messages spied and infected with deadly viruses!
Well, computers have been constantly
under such attacks for over a decade.

Now, it’s the mobile phone?
Well, if you have recently bought one
 or are a serious business user then
trust that in most probability it is today’s
 smartphone aka mini-computer – making
the threat in a way almost logical!

"Although a user is more likely to get hit
by a PC malware, the risk of getting hit
by a mobile malware is definitely out there.
Some mobile operators have said that three
percent to five percent of their MMS
 (multi-media messaging) traffic is
 caused by Commwarrior
(a deadly virus overwriting files).
Tens of thousands of infected mobile phones
 have been reported to different mobile phone
stores around the world.
 I’ve been hit five times myself,"

The most vulnerable operating
 system is Symbian S60.
 In fact, Trend Micro too notes that Symbian –
the most popular platform for mobile
phones including the
new Nokia N series – is most suspect to attack.

Recently released malware evolution report
too startlingly reveals Mobler.
A – a virus which is capable of infecting
Symbian and Windows based systems.
Simply speaking infected mobile phones
 when interacting with a computer
will pass on the virus and vice versa.

"With more mobile operators and
telecom companies moving to packet-switched
and converged networks, the threats that used
 to face only computer networks will also
 affect their networks,"

"The most common spreading vectors
are Bluetooth, MMS and pirated software,"
  However, these days the idea of a
virus attacking through Wi-Fi ports is not too
far fetched examines Kaspersky Lab’s report.
Even F Secure states to be watching the space "closely".

However, in India the rate of incidents
has been less due to our technological backwardness.
 "Indian operators have not shown interest
in securing their users from mobile virus
threats…they rush to cater to the entertainment
demands of the subscribers;
(however) when the 3G era begins the need
for security products on mobiles is
definitely going to heighten,"

So, what does the common person do?
Well, keep the Bluetooth switched off,
if you have an encrypted key to unlock
your mobile then store (if you must)
that information separately, avoid storing
critical data on removable memory cards
and get an anti-virus kit installed on the mobile.

Security vendors are surely sitting
on a hotbed of opportunity,
it must be exploited for their and the consumers’ benefit.


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