Google Mail Gets a “Mail Fetcher”

Google has announced a new innovative feature called "Mail Fetcher" that allows Gmail to fetch mail from any of the user’s other non Gmail accounts.

With "Mail Fetcher," multiple email account users will find it easier and more convenient to manage all their mails from one place.

The feature needs to be configured before use, and the user needs to follow a few simple steps:

1) Click ‘Settings’ on any Gmail page
2) Click ‘Accounts’
3) Click ‘Add another mail account’ in the ‘Get mail from other
accounts’ section
4) Enter full email address of the account/s to be accessed
5) Click ‘Next Step’
6) Enter Password (Gmail will populate Username and POP Server fields
when possible, based on email address)
7) Decide on: leaving a copy of retrieved messages on the server;
always using a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail;
labeling incoming messages; and archiving incoming messages
8) Click ‘Add Account’
9) Once the account has been added successfully, there is an option
for setting it as a custom ‘From Address’

As of now, users can add up to 5 email accounts to their Gmail account. Meanwhile, there could be skepticism with respect to privacy issues while using this feature.


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