Nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer which can be named as "CON".
This is something pretty cool…and unbelievable. ..
So, inform about this to all your friends. TRY IT NOW , IT WILL NOT CREATE " CON " FOLDER
Try To rename the New Folder as CON Or con It will not Accept …
Thats true, I have tried this!
Jagdish M Chichriya

6 thoughts on “YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks Mahesh FYI,
    But that wasn\’t expected from the technical bandha like you, if stuff is old, it doesn\’t mean every one KNOWS it?
    Right ?
    Jagdish M Chichriya

  2. Good find and brings in nostalgic memories of programming in x86 Assembly and C.
    It is because these are reserved names for I/O devices and they are reserved from IBM PC DOS days. The other reserved names include LPT1, COM1, PRN, etc. CON means CONSOLE.

  3. Hi guys,
    here is my findings on the above issue… but not sure of why \’\\\\\’ is being used for creating the folder on the client box, when \’\\\\\’ we use to connect to the network machine.. like \’\\\\server\\d\\\’
    make e.g "con" folder by following method goto command prompttype in prompt e:\\> "mkdir \\\\.\\c:\\con"verify by typing "dir \\\\.\\e:\\con"delete the file or folder "rmdir \\\\.\\c:\\con"
    Anyways, the bottomline we are able to create the folder con but don\’t dare to do that, as OS or other file based application may hung up between 😉 Also, as said by Mr. Venkatarangan, I tried on LPT1, COM1, PRN, they are too can be created in the similar manner.
    Jagdish M Chichriya

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