Tattoos & The Art of Body Piercing


The art of Tattoo has been around for thousands of years. The styles and reasons for tattoo have varied from individual to individual as they have from society to society. Some tattoos were prepared for simple ornamentation, others done for religious beliefs and others still for reasons known better to their wearers. Tattooing has existed in one form or another across the earth since time immemorial and the popularity of tattoo art is most likely continue for centuries.

Though the fundamental concept of tattoo has been constant throughout the history, the styles and reasons for tattoo have evolved along with man’s own development. An interesting example of this has been found at the back of a man on the slopes of the Alps. He was buried their 5 thousands years ago. The significance to these tattooed, if there was any other then to decorate the body is unknown. Some people think that tattooing was done for medicinal purposes. The pigments used in tattooing may have been a certain type of berry known to have some curative and healing effects for different ailments.

There is dedicated site for Tatoo, here you go:

Jagdish M Chichria


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