Harry Potter (aka Hari Putter) of Bollywood!

Bollywood filmmakers are really excited about Harry Potter. A number of remakes are being planned, all of them hush-hush. Let’s take a sneak peek into the scripts…

HARIBHAI KA SURROR – the movie, the real luv story

In this pathbreaking creation of modern cinema, Haribhai Topiwala is caught in a love triangle with a 7-year-old and a 30-year-old girl. The plot is totally filmed in Germany and includes scenes like his arrest (on allegations of child-molestation) and a sting operation – in between songs and item numbers.


Khari Potter is the youngest family member of the family. This TV series (telecast also in South Asia, America and Central Africa) is a 34000-episode-long saga of how Khari Potter manages to see through the politics of the Potter family – the vamps, the cousins, the aunties, et al, alongwith his wife and kids.


The whimsical Harry Malhotra (guess who, SRK!) goes to Hazamgadh school of Pottery and Gardening. He’s the elder son of the billion-dollar scion and owner of the Malhotra Group. At Hazamgadh he falls in love with the Harmeet (Rani) – the daughter of the chief potter. The rest of the plot is self-explanatory. (How can it not be, if it can be summarised in 10 minutes!)


The plot: Prem Puttar, in love with lady Harminder Kaur, marries her.


Harwinder aka Harrybhai (played by a debutant actor from nowhereland) is a newbie at Hogwards school of Guncraft and Gunnery. He gets involved into a fued over a lost AK 47 with the local goons and later on joins a rival underground faction. While his rise as Harry the Don and his inception into the H company, he manages to falls in love, jump off the Hogwards Express and survive and keep his enemies at bay.


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