Google Labs: Showcase, Google’s technology playground.
Google labs showcases a few of our favorite ideas that aren’t quite ready for prime time. Your feedback can help us improve them. Please play with these prototypes and send your comments directly to the Googlers who developed them.


Graduates of Labs
Google Reader
Use Google’s web-based feed reader to keep track of your favorite web sites

Google Notebook
Clip and collect information as you browse the web

Google Docs & Spreadsheets
Create, store and share documents and spreadsheets on the web

Google Video
Search TV programs and videos

Personalized Search
Get the search results most relevant to you

Add information you care about to your Google homepage

Google Maps
View maps, get driving directions, and search for local businesses and services.

Google Scholar
Search through journal articles, abstracts and other scholarly literature

Google SMS (US)
Get precise answers to specialized queries from your mobile phone or device

Google Desktop
Find all your information, whether it’s on the web or stored on your computer, from one convenient location

Google Groups 2
Create and join searchable discussion groups and mailing lists

Web Alerts
Find out about new web pages on a topic of interest

Search by Location
Restrict your search to a particular geographic area

Google Glossary
Find definitions for words, phrases and acronyms

Google News Alerts
Specify a topic and receive email updates when news breaks


Google Code Search
Search public source code

Google Transit (currently available in select cities)
Plan trips using public transportation

Google Music Trends
See what music is popular among Google Talk users

Accessible Search
Web search for the visually impaired

Google Extensions for Firefox (Google Browser Sync now available)
Add powerful new tools to your Mozilla Firefox browser

Google Trends
See what the world is searching for
5/10/06 – Give us feedbackDiscuss with others

Google Mars
View some of the most detailed maps of Mars created by NASA scientists

Google Page Creator
Create your own web pages, quickly and easily

Google Dashboard Widgets for Mac
Quickly access Google products from within Dashboard

Google Web Accelerator
Save time online by loading web pages faster

Google Ride Finder
Find a taxi, limousine or shuttle using real time position of vehicles

Google Suggest
As you type your search, Google offers keyword suggestions in real time

Product Search for Mobile (US) | Product Search for Mobile (UK)  Improved!
Search for products from your mobile phone using Product Search

Google Sets
Automatically create sets of items from a few examples

Google Transliterate
Online translation from english word to hindi as you type


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