Microsoft caught doing stealth updates: So what? far better than Spywares!

There is recently updated news at Techrepublic (I guess more on other sites) about the Microsoft silent updates its patches on Windows XP and Vista. This makes other authors to write articles on Microsoft doing and its activities..

Here is the excerpt from techrepublic article

The Inquirer just ran a report in which it claimed that Microsoft performed updates on users’ machines without first asking about them.

Apparently, Scott Dunn of Windows Secrets is credited with noticing that Windows Update has recently started updating certain files on the sly on users’ systems……

read more at:

My comment here is:

So what, boss, until it is good for the system health we dont mind.. and it is much far good deed by Microsoft than those hackers injecting the virus, spywares, and other malicious code..

I dont know why the hell every one is behind Microsoft. dont you shift your focus on the those things and help to the software leaders on how to overcome those vunerabilities and prevent unauthorised access by the hackerss

Have a change for the while!

P.S.: Here’s an excerpt from Microsoft fiddles with your Windows without permission:

Nine small executable files on XP and Vista have been altered so far in what Dunn dubs a stealth move by the Vole. What is strange is that the updates were carried out while the Automatic Updates dialogue box in the Control Panel was set to prevent updates from being installed automatically.

What are your ideas/comments on this?


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