Microsoft Office & its Individual Products – Trial versions


Office 2007

Office Accounting 2007
Microsoft Office Accounting 2007
is a complete accounting solution for small businesses that helps you be more effective and efficient managing your business. Now you can save time managing everyday tasks, organize all business information centrally and grow your business online. With the Company Homepage you can see reminders and important business information at a glance. With Marketplace Services you sell inventory items on eBay, get paid online through PayPal, and monitor customer credit with Equifax.
Professional: Download here
Express: Download here

Office Live Groove 2007
Work Together: Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace
Having trouble getting together? Office Live Groove 2007 makes it easy for teams to work together, no matter their location, time zone, or work hours. Spend less time coordinating with each other and more time working on the project at hand.Live Groove 2007 collaborative workspaces put people, tools, and data in one place, so you and your team members have access to everything, right on your desktops. And you stay in synch, automatically.
Download here

Office Project Standard 2007
Power Up Your Project Management
Improve the organization of your projects and people with the scheduling power and capabilities of Office Project Standard 2007.. With robust management tools, you can stay informed and control project work, schedules, and finances, keep teams aligned, and be more productive-because Project 2007 not only delivers powerful reporting, guided planning, and flexible tools.
Download here

Office Visio 2007
Paint the Big Picture (and Details) with Diagrams
When you need to show the world what you mean, try Office Visio 2007. IT and business professionals worldwide choose Visio to visualize, analyze, and communicate complex information, systems, and processes. Using diagrams, they gain insight into complex information, and use that knowledge to make better decisions for their businesses. You can too! Show the world what you’re thinking with diagrams that literally complete the picture.
Standard: Download here
Professional: Download here

Office OneNote 2007
Keep It Together, In One Place
Information overload has met its match with Office OneNote 2007. Now it’s easy to grab, gather, and organize text, pictures, digital handwriting, and notes—all in one spot that’s easy to access and simple to share. Stop searching for information across e-mail messages, paper notebooks, file folders, and printouts. And instead become as productive as you can—with all your information in sight and in reach.
Download here

Office Publisher 2007
Got Something to Say? Publish It!
Everybody’s got a brand. Whether you’re a superstar, a storefront, or a neighborhood club. Office Publisher 2007 helps you communicate your brand and your message with others via high-impact, professional-looking newsletters, brochures, flyers, postcards, Web sites, e-mails, and more. Monitor your marketing activities from concept to delivery, track your campaigns, manage customer lists, and get creative—all in-house and all within an easy-to-use interface.
Download here

Use software whichever is applicable to you. I have used the descriptions as the excerpts, use the link to see more description of the software. I am sharing here the office bcoz to know what more of Office had for you. With good experience on Access application, I am pretty much comfortable using it as the database for various client applications, so i would suggest to go for this and use it for your small day to day business or personal requirements.

Enjoy the office.


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