India Won but media focused only on few players

This is 24 hours old news about India won the final match of Inaugural Twenty20 Cricket match against old rivalary team, Pakistan. Despite of this i am writing here to say something on media who just focused on few players and neglected others due to which India reached final and won the world cup.

And, with this the news was flowing from one channel to other. Shown in at as Breaking News since the match was finished. Every player’s home was visited to know what their family members, friends and neighbours have enjoyed or not.

Right from MS Dhoni to yuvraj, from Pathan to Shreesanth, every one was treated like *maharaja* and as a winner. But, the thing here is why RP Singh, Joginder Sharma and Rohit Sharma were neglected.

RP Singh has played very important role in the every crucial when comes to bowling department. Opposition early wickets fall were due to Singh great bowling. Good line and length, awesome figures, early wickets are these areas were Singh proved himself as the fantastic bowlers.

Joginder Sharma, medium pacer, though still finding the good line and length but he managed himself to get the crucial wickets with tight bowling at the end overs. He was criticised due to easy runs scoring by batsman when he was bowling. But MS Dhoni believes him so much that he tried him in the last overs where batsman have to score to be on winning side.

Rohit Sharma, the new batsman who came on the crease, scored decent runs during the final when batsman like Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni failed to scored. He too was neglected as a hero from media.

Well, my complaint here is, though team played like an "individual", why media focused on MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan and Shreesanth.


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