Reduce the size of a movie without losing any quality(info)

u can immensely reduce the size of a movie without losing any quality
the final outcome is just 10% of the original size.
Yes its hard to believe but i have devised a way to actually do it.
Here is the procedure:

Step 1: Convert your movie in .3gp format by using "Acala 3GP Movies
Free" software.For Download of this software you can search the
internet.Anyway, while converting keep these settings
Video Quality: Excellent
Frame Size: 320*240

Your movie will get converted to .3gp format having much small size.
Going to step 2 now——— >>>>>>>>> >

Step 2: After u have obtained a 3gp format of ur movie,proceed
further.Use "SmartMovie Converter (for Symbian phones)"
software.Again the software can be downloaded from internet
Using this software convert .3gp movie to smartmovie(avi xvid)
Wow! the movie is there in so small size and without losing any

Sometimes it may happen that ur 3gp will not get loaded in
SmartMovie Converter.To solve this problem u have to install one
codec "3GP_decoder_ Dicas_mpegable_ DS_decoder_ v2[1].1.4" which is
also available elsewhere in this website


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