Eclipse Office Partition System

Eclipse Office Partition Stystem –
We all have it, what people call the "personal space" or "zone" – the area around us that if impeded on makes us uncomfortable. The Eclipse Office Partitioning System was developed to address the issue of privacy and lack there-of in open plan designs seen in workplaces today. Cubicles don’t exactly illicit hard work so Designer Marcus Curran wanted to create something for the not too distant future. A partitioning system that not only looks good but defines and protects our "personal space".

The workspace includes integrated speakers, a wireless recharging mat for your electronics, and a wireless camera/projector built into the hood for teleconferencing. Another cool thing is that the hood can be lowered and optional contoured furniture can be arranged to fit against the Eclipse system. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shave and prepare my resume in anticipation of these things.


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