Economic recession halts IT employees’ marriage proposals

Hyderabad: The economic recession in India has brought the IT professionals’ marriage to a halt. Contemplating on the IT slowdown and the job insecurity, parents of brides-to-be are no longer in the strive for grooms employed in the IT companies.
Parents are resorting to non-IT professionals as in the conditions of the employees can fluctuate. "It fluctuates. Day-to-day it can change," says Sharda Singh, a mother of a would-be-bride. Witnessing the various news on the IT slowdown one of the would-be-bride’s father commented, "I’m very afraid of its effects." Parents have grown outwardly reluctant to approach for any proposals from any employee part of the IT sector, as they fear the uncertainty that has creped into the sector with the global economic crisis.
The prediction of National Association of Software and Service Companies, of slower IT export growth, the prediction of analysts of cuts in dollar revenue by some outsourcers has brought in more insecurity. However, there are signs of hope with Europe and Asia turning out to be bigger clients for the Indian IT companies like Tata Consultancy, Infosys Technologies, Wipro and Satyam Computer, thus reducing its dependency on the crisis inflicted U.S.
Though the reaction to the IT insecurity has come off late, but parents of to-be-bride have always been controlled by the urge to select grooms with stability and high salary. Infact they didnot even consider new entrepreneurs as prospective grooms for their daughters.
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