Books Online

The Verilog PLI Handbook: A User's Guide and Comprehensive Reference on the Verilog Programming Language Interface (Springer, 2002, English)

Binding Theory (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) (Cambridge University Press, 2005, English)

The Theory of Spinors (Dover Publications, 1981, English)

The NeuroProcessor: An Integrated Interface to Biological Neural Networks (Springer, 2008, English)

RF Photonic Technology in Optical Fiber Links (Cambridge University Press, 2002, English)

Linear Algebra (Cliffs Quick Review) (Cliffs Notes, 1996, English)

Handbook of Integral Equations, Second Edition (Handbooks of Mathematical Equations) (CRC Press, 2008, English)

Design Concepts in Programming Languages (MIT Press, 2008, English)

The Mathematical Theory of Cosmic Strings (Series in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation) (Taylor & Francis, 2002, English)

The Dirac Equation (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics) (Springer, 1993, English)

Documentary in the Digital Age (Focal Press, 2005, English)

Writing Successfully in Science (Routledge, 1992, English)


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