Windows Live Account: Are they upgrading or degrading with their every new version?

As already declared by hotmail about their new Windows Live  will be more faster, reliable… they had their changes reflected from today. I seen those changes, but I am pretty much unhappy about the changes they have made.

Although they declared that they have narrowed down the 54% time faster than previous version of hotmail on broadband, but it seems they didn’t tested on dial-up networks. uptil yesterday, hotmail was running properly and it was accessed in a cool way on my dial – up wireless network, but since today morning, it is taking time to
1) load,
2) to perform activities like simple delete of selected mails

i haven’t perform much yet, but my bad experiences have started. If this continues, i guess i have to forward my (hot)mails to another account.

Apart from this, Live account is using the async method of performing tasks now, but this has pop-up another issue. While performing a simple task delete, which didn’t happpened, I refreshed the browser window. It took several minutes to load the screen, but when it loaded after some time, i closed the browser window in order to start from sign-in, but to my surprise, many browser windows popped up one-by-one, connecting to hotmail link… Whats happening.. windows were increasing automatically, i have to terminate the IEXPLORER.exe from the Processes tab in Windows Task manager.

Whats happening Windows Live developers? do you need some help?



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