Operation at Nariman House ends; encounter on at Taj

The commando operation against the terrorists at Nariman House has ended and no more bodies have been found; however, official declaration has yet to be made.
NSG set off huge explosions to ensure no terrorist escaped. NSG combed the building to ensure no more terrorists were left inside.
NSG sources have told NDTV that the Nariman House operation will be declared over shortly.
However, five hostages and two terrorists were found dead inside the building. The rabbi and his wife are reportedly among the dead at Nariman House but it has yet to be officially corroborated.
Earlier, NSG commandos came out of the Nariman House amid cheering crowds. Thousands of people have gathered outside the building. The Rapid Action Force even used lathis to control the crowd.
According to the announcement at the Nariman House, the operation is not yet over. An NSG Major and a commando have been killed in the operation.
Earlier, seven hostages were taken out from the building.



Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Kill those bast****ds!!!! make sure no one is spared and no such attacks happened again!!!!


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