We won the battle against Terror!


Long Live ATS, NSG, Army, Navy, Air Force Commandos

Heads’ off to them!!!

NSG Major Unnikrishnan
ATS chief Hemant Karkare
Encounter Specialist: Vijay Salankar
IPS Officers: Ashok Kamte and Sadanand Date

In all 14 police personnel were gunned down.

These are indispensable losses as one can’t replace them overnight or muster the art of fighting modern day terror in one day.

Watch these battles won videos from here:

Terror battle won- 1
Terror battle won- 2
Terror battle won- 3

In all 195 dead down that includes 13 foreigners and over 300 injured that includes some foreigners.

Other stories:

No staff of Taj or contractual employee involvement ruled out.
Intelligence says Terrorists wanted to blow Taj
Pakistan’s U-turn: Not to send ISI chief, Only official coming. (that was expected from Pak)
President OBAMA calls to PM and offers condolences for the loss o f Lives.
Security forces destroyed the ammunition at Taj
Sabina Saikia, Editor in chief of TOI, declared dead.
PM calls All Party meeting tomorrow.
Over 100 bodies recovered from TAJ
Karkare’s wife denied to accept the compensation from Gujrats’ CM, Modi. (thats what I cal brave heart, and stupid CM’s mind!)
11 Terrorists killed and 1 caught alive.
TAJ GM who lost family still at work.

Hey Terrorists, DON’T MESS WITH US. if you are still thinking to attack, Lets do it FACE TO FACE! This time again. TERRORISTS ARE COWARD!


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