Demand for an Answer.

I, as an Indian, as a Human, demand an action from Mr. PM, Mr. CM of state.

What were you doing when those bloody activities happened?
Did you even cared about the hostages when terrorists gunned them down?
Why every now and than there is always a buck from Politicians?
Do we pay taxes for this?
Where was Mr. Shivraj Patil when warnings were being signaled?
Why did Mr. Shivraj Patil turn to deaf ears?
Why did Mr. Shivraj Patil resigned after terror attacks?

Why did Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh came to see the after-attacks result at Taj?
Why did politicians took activly part to see what’s going on, whereas each and every reporter/journalists were present during the activity?
Where the hell were RR Patil, Shiv sena, Raj Thakeray during the attacks?

When we feel secured in our home land?
If Shivraj Patil feels that he feels removal of burden from his shoulders after resigning, why did he sucked 4 years of Home Minister tenure?

any answers to these questions from each and every Indian?


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