Launch of Nano

The bookings for the world’s cheapest car, Nano, are likely to begin in February-end, says an Economic Times report.

A Business Standard had said that Tata Motors could start limited commercial production of the Nano from alternate locations so that the first car could roll out towards the end of March 2009 from Pantnagar till the mother plant comes up in Sanand near Ahmedabad.

So what will it cost to book a Nano?
The ET report claims that the booking amount for the world?s cheapest car will be around Rs 70,000, i.e, 70 per cent of the total cost, assuming that Tata Motors manages to keep the price of the much-awaited car at Rs 100,000.

When contacted, a Tata Motors spokesperson said that the company is positive about a launch very soon, but it is yet to announce the official date of the launch.

Judging from the tremendous response and interest that the Nano has generated, it is quite likely that even after booking the car, you might have to wait for a while before you actually get to drive it.

But where can you book it?
The booking for the Nano can be done at all Tata Motors dealers and at select State Bank of India branches.

It may be noted that the Tatas and SBI have entered into a tie up to finance the Nano.

The State Bank of India will begin accepting bookings at about a 100 of its branches and then later increase the number to a 1,000 branches, the Economic Times said.

How will Nano be allotted?
Once you have booked the car, the waiting period is likely to be long because of two primary reasons: huge demand and limited production.

So, how will you get your dream car? Well, allotment of the Nano will be done through a draw of lots, and the lucky ones will get to drive their Nano first.

It is also understood that the car is likely to attract huge premium, so you can actually make a nice killing were you to sell it as soon as it is allotted to you.

How many Nanos will be produced initially?

Some of the leading vendors pointed out that it was not viable to have a dedicated plant for the Nano even for volumes like 250,000 cars per annum.

A dedicated line at the site with warehousing facilities was the best option to cut down logistics costs.

As of now, the vendors confirmed that they would supply the Pune plant for engine components and the Pantnagar plant from existing facilities across India.

While the initial volumes will be as low as 3,000-4,000 cars a month, the company recently indicated to vendors that it planned to produce around 70,000-80,000 cars in FY10. Some of the vendors, while refusing to be identified, said ramping up huge volumes in Pantnagar was not feasible.

How many cars will be produced at Sanand unit?
Pantnagar could, however, continue as a satellite plant for the Nano based on completely knocked down units from the mother plant.

The Sanand plant will produce 250,000 cars per year, and will capacity to go up to 350,000 cars.

Tata Motors managing director Ravi Kant has recently indicated that it would take at least a year to start production at the site.




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