Beware: Your Nokia 5800 Maybe Defective

If you were keen to lay your hands on Nokia’s much-awaited 5800 XpressMusic soon, wait until you read this.

Apparently, Russian tech website Mobile-Review, and with it, Nokia has confirmed that nearly ALL 5800 XpressMusic devices manufactured before February come with defective speakers and that it WILL go defective sooner or later.


How can they be so sure? Well people over at the site (Mobile-Review) actually bought 10 sparkling new 5800s produced before February, disassembled them into pieces and checked each of them individually! They even checked the speakers under an electron microscope! Moreover, during these times of economic downturn, they actually spent a whopping $4500 in the process.


Nokia has since then acknowledged the existence of the problem and has released a statement saying that the issue has been sorted now. The release from Nokia’s Eurasia PR head says that the vendor from whom the speakers were sourced has been changed. Now, the funny thing about this is that had you faced any issues with your speakers and had got them replaced from a service center, it is very likely that the new speakers too would exhibit problems – because it came from the same supplier. It is only in the last week of January that the service centers received fresh stock of unaffected, problem-free speakers sourced from another vendor. Therefore, if you had been to the service center for a speaker change before this happened, there is a possibility of you landing up there once again.


There has been no official announcement or next plan of action by Nokia yet. We are also unsure about the reach of the problem and as to how deep this has spread. With over a million 5800 XpressMusic phones shipped prior to January 23, Nokia might have a big problem to deal with. Nokia might announce as to which markets have been affected by this problem and how it plans to fix issues with the handsets shipped with the defective hardware.


As of now, we have no confirmation if the shipments to India have been affected as well. We do expect Nokia to come up with a clarification very soon. Meanwhile, you might as well stall your plans to get a new 5800 for the moment till the air clears up. It still is a good phone, mind you and Nokia has acted very quickly to stop the issue from spreading further! Watch this space for more updates!

We did contact Nokia in order to get an official response and are awaiting a reply to our query.


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