New tech moves beyond the mouse, keyboard and screen


  • Microsoft Kinect, a gaming system without remotes, debuts this week
  • The system, on sale in November, may help usher in a new era of computing
  • Researchers are trying to move us beyond the mouse, keyboard and screen
  • New technologies read gestures, listen to voices and track eye movements

(CNN) — Goodbye computer mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Say hello to a new, simpler era of human-computer interaction — this time, with no clunky hardware standing between you and digital information.

In this new world, there are options aplenty.

Instead of sliding a mouse across your desk, you could just point at whatever you’d like to select. Instead of pecking away at a keyboard, you could just say what you’re thinking. And instead of glaring at a big screen all day, why not just project that information on the surface of your contact lenses?




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