Watch the Next-Generation Unreal Graphics NOW


Epic Games is now more than just a games developer – it’s an engine technology maker that licenses its software to other developers to help designers make the games rather than the tools.


At GDC, Epic showed off the most bleeding-edge version of Unreal Engine 3. It was so advanced that it could be called Unreal Engine 4 — except that it runs all on present-day hardware. Of course, it took no less than three GeForce GTX 580 in SLI to get this done, but it’s amazing to think that something like this is possible with readily available hardware. Now all we need is the software.

You’ve seen the screenshots; now feast your eyes on it in motion:

Watch Epic’s Mind Blowing Graphics in Video

And just in case you wanted to see some of the high-res stills, here are the screenshots once again:


Android: Using a layered approach with the right selection of components to interface into the Android stack results in a more complete and ready solution.
iOS Devices: Game Center allows iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users to challenge and play friends or be matched automatically with new opponents, showcase their scores and achievements, and discover new games their friends are playing.
Mac OS (In Development): s such, with newer versions of OS X becoming increasingly app-centric, many developers are looking again at Apple’s platforms as feasible and fruitful game development platforms.
Microsoft Xbox 360: Xbox LIVE lets you enjoy your favorite entertainment with the people you care about around the world. Xbox LIVE is an active community of 30 million people throughout 35 countries.
Sony PlayStation 3: In games, not only will movement of characters and objects be far more refined and realistic, but landscapes and virtual worlds can also be rendered in real- time, thereby elevating the freedom of graphics expression to levels not experienced in the past. Gamers will literally be able to dive into the realistic world seen in large screen movies and experience the excitement in real-time.
Sony NGP: Deep and immersive gaming is at the core of PlayStation’s DNA, and NGP is the latest embodiment of this vision. By having both Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity, together with various applications,NGP will enable infinite possibilities for users to “encounter,” “connect,” “discover,” “share” and “play” with friends wherever they are.
Windows PC: With DirectX11, the games experience is further heightened and takes advantage of the newest advances in hardware and processing. As a result, many gamers swear by the rendering and special effects capabilities of Windows-based PCs. In addition, full networking capabilities mean enhanced play online and off.


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