H.A.A.R.P. – High Frequency Active Auroral Reserch Program
Earthquakes, storm will became warfares in the future – a Weather Warfare!
Capabilities – Sesimic Wave Inducer, Weather Modification, Mind Control, High Energy Laser.

ELF waves – Extremely Low Frequency waves. If you have been at rock concert and felt low frequency vibration of the music pounding from speakers. These are discarded from power, household electricity, electrical cars… they are so low that hardly it will harm us. Like when a car or speaker that has a lot of bass, when its on you feel the earth shake well governments possess this technology but the times of a million. This can cause a earthquake!

How it works?
they are beamed to Ionosphere, which can change course of weather. ELF waves would create heat altering the molecular structure of ionosphere, pushing it out in the space, making it look like a column and as it does it changes the flow of jet stream waves in that region, pressure system, and in that respect it can manipulate weather. With it means, the heated ionospehere is treated like a giant dam, rerouting the path of jet stream. Jet Stream is a focused high velocity rope of air that moves millions of gallons of water around our world like a giant river. it moves around the world to pass the water through rain, storms.

How can you control peoples’ mind? Through HAARP. You can hear music without having a Ear!
Tests shown that if you tightly block your ears, you can still listen the music. Technology is really simple – just like dialing/tuning radio frequency!!! It can trigger earthquake, volcanic eruptions, disable satellites – make it even not work.



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