Have you come across when you want to implement responsive display with underlying model technique? Any time you want to have certain sections should behave according to user input and should be dynamic, w/o much implementing into code. I mean, taking a example of concatenating firstName and lastName will require writing additional events on button to display it on screen. Technically, you will have to search for input objects, get the value and concatenate it and set to 3rd input object. Isn’t it tedious and redundant? Shouldn’t there be a dynamic JavaScript which should apply model-like pattern or rather MVVM or MVC pattern for ASP.Net solutions.

I came across in one of newsletters and solution it explained was Knockout.js and it was
first introduced in 2011 Mix conference.
Here is the video link:
and here its documentation:
further reading:

Further reading revealed, that it not a technology but it is a technique, it is not alternate or neither in any way compete to jQuery or any DOM APIs, it is just a technique of binding model objects with view in a AJAX way!

Try to grab the understanding and see if it fits your solution and share your experience.


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