ASP.Net SignalR

If you are trying to build chat application, either you need to poll connection to server every 5 seconds, or keep the connection open – in any case your server usage will be high. Or consider you trying to build stock-ticker application, which updates stock-scrip every bi-second.

There hasn’t been a decent abstraction out-of-the-box from ASP.Net which will support such scenarios.

Hence, SignalR comes to picture

– It is an asynchronous signaling library for ASP.NET.

– SignalR is broken up into a few package on NuGet:

· SignalR – A meta package that brings in SignalR.Server and SignalR.Js (you should install this)

· SignalR.Server – Server side components needed to build SignalR endpoints

· SignalR.Js – Javascript client for SignalR

· SignalR.Client – .NET client for SignalR

· SignalR.Ninject – Ninject dependeny resolver for SignalR

Give it a try!


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