Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 RC – Access is denied

I came across the Access is Denied error while installing the latest release on Win 7. With hope from MSDN articles and google, suggested trials and tribulations were invain. hence decided to hunt down on my own.

Problem – I happily downloaded the latest version of VS Ultimate 2012 RC and started installation on my box. After accepting license and default path, the package came to state where acquiring and application of package. To my surprise, the problem started from thereon. Setup Failed Access is Denied. After trying several solutions available on MSDN forums, the issue was as it is.

Finally, without loosing much of hope. I started hunting in Registry by searching tag on “2012 RC” and it found one of the instance within the HKCR\Installer\Dependencies.

I took the keyname named with some GUID, researched the registry on the GUID and found one instance. Removed it and Removed the folder with the same name as GUID inside C:\ProgramData\Package Cache

And surprisingly, I can start over again and can choose different location, since C:\ has limited permissions.

Steps I performed –
Open Start > Run > Type regedit.exe and press Enter
Look for HKCR\Installer\Dependencies
Expand Dependencies and go through GUID keys and identify with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 RC
Copy the GUID name and keep it somewhere in notepad.
Remove that Dependency Key from the registry (Right click on Key and Select Delete/Remove)
Open Windows Explorer > C:\ProgramData\Pacakge Cache
Look for the folder with the above GUID name
Delete the folder as well.


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