Mind map for TOGAF v9.1

Few months back, I appeared for TOGAF v9 exam and successfully cleared it. Although it was tough by itself, but my experience with earlier projects helped me to understand its concept. For those who haven’t been fortunate, I would suggest to look for and take help from mentor. This really helps. Many of us, aligned it with Solution Architect role or even try to align it with technical experience, although, to some extent, it is true, but as a whole, these are just the piece of big puzzle. 
In short, TOGAF is about applying its ADM development method on a given state of requirement leading it to next stage, and at the same time – build enterprise’s capability, and maturity. I believe this can be applied on any business requirement or problem, where it involves the progression from one (current) state to another (advanced/more mature) state.
Although during my exam study, I did took help from different sources including self-study kit from The Open Group. Some of noted I created my own during the course. Mindmap, is one of the note I keep referring, as and when I need some help for a quick glance or help.
It was created using FreeMind, and I would like to share it for an aspiration, inspirational and reference study.
Hope it helps you.

Download from here: http://1drv.ms/1WvYO4N


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