Skype Replacements

1. Linphone – Linphone is an internet phone or VoIP much like Skype. t is released under the GNU GPL v2 license and commercial support is available as well. It comes in binaries for Debian-based distros or build from source.

2. Ekiga – Ekiga was formerly known as GnomeMeeting, which many have heard of. GnomeMeeting used to come with lots of distributions and Ekiga is still seen in several. It provides “SoftPhone, Video Conferencing and Instant Messenger application[s] over the Internet” and supports SIP and H.323. Ekiga is released under the GPL and comes in binaries for lots of distros and in source code.

3. Empathy – “Empathy is a messaging program which supports text, voice, and video chat and file transfers over many different protocols.” This one is probably most well known because of its inclusion in Ubuntu. 3.1 was released May 9. It is released under the GPL and comes in binaries for Ubuntu.


Microsoft WorldWide Telescope [WWT]

The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is aWeb 2.0 visualization softwareenvironment that enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope—bringing together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world for a seamless exploration of the universe.

Choose from a growing number of guided tours of the sky by astronomers and educators from some of the most famous observatories and planetariums in the country. Feel free at any time to pause the tour, explore on your own (with multiple information sources for objects at your fingertips), and rejoin the tour where you left off. Join Harvard Astronomer Alyssa Goodman on a journey showing how dust in the Milky Way Galaxy condenses into stars and planets. Take a tour with University of Chicago Cosmologist Mike Gladders two billion years into the past to see a gravitational lens bending the light from galaxies allowing you to see billions more years into the past.

WorldWide Telescope is created with the Microsoft® high performance Visual Experience Engine™ and allows seamless panning and zooming around the night sky, planets, and image environments. View the sky from multiple wavelengths: See the x-ray view of the sky and zoom into bright radiation clouds, and then crossfade into the visible light view and discover the cloud remnants of a supernova explosion from a thousand years ago. Switch to the Hydrogen Alpha view to see the distribution and illumination of massive primordial hydrogen cloud structures lit up by the high energy radiation coming from nearby stars in the Milky Way. These are just two of many different ways to reveal the hidden structures in the universe with the WorldWide Telescope. Seamlessly pan and zoom from aerial views of the Moon and selected planets, as well as see their precise positions in the sky from any location on Earth and any time in the past or future with the Microsoft Visual Experience Engine.

WWT is a single rich application portal that blends terabytes of images, information, and stories from multiple sources over the Internet into a seamless, immersive, rich media experience. Kids of all ages will feel empowered to explore and understand the universe with its simple and powerful user interface.

Microsoft Research is dedicating WorldWide Telescope to the memory of Jim Gray and is releasing WWT as a free resource to the astronomy and education communities with the hope that it will inspire and empower people to explore and understand the universe like never before.

How do you start exploring? Click the top of the Guided Tours tab and then click the Welcome thumbnail to watch a guided tour showing you how to navigate in WWT. Or click a link to read more: WWT in Depth


Download it here! 

iRinger for iPhone

iRinger is a free iPhone 3g ringtone maker and converter application to
create ringtones for you iphone 3g and convert them to iphone format.

iRinger lets you create an iphone ringtone from any music file you have
or even a from a video file. It also lets export the created ringtone
with this application to iTunes directly so you don’t need to
“jailbreak” your iphone to have custom ringtone of your favourite songs..

In order to create a ringtone from your favourite song click Import
button on iRinger, browse to locate the song. Preview the song to
confirm and export the final created ringtone to iTunes. So that you
can sync with your iphone with iTunes to transfer the custom made

iRinger lets you create and export ringtone from any music file in 3 easy steps in sequence. Import, Preview and Export to iTunes

You can also decrease the volume of the final ringtone and decide the
length of ringtone from one point to second point on the file.

Download iRinger – iPhone 3g Ringtone maker and converter

yahoo messenger offline download

Yahoo messenger has been released but yet again yahoo have not provided yahoo messenger full setup offline standalone installer.

Rather if you go to download yahoo messenger from yahoo messenger official site you will get a web based installer for yahoo messenger which will download and install yahoo messenger from internet on run time.

With web installer for yahoo messenger you will not be able to install it on any other computer which is not connected to internet.

If you want to download yahoo messenger full setup standalone offline installer which is portable and make it easy to install on any computer irrespective of its internet connectivity.

These are some links to download yahoo messenger full setup standalone offline installer as per different languages.

English Full Setup Standalone Offline Installer Of Yahoo messenger

digital audio recorder

Digital Audio
Recorder is a free program for windows which lets you record any type
of sound from any source you want to record from on your computer.

You can record any thing from your microphone or anything played
on your computer in your media player or any where else. It is one of
the simplest recording program ever which is so easy in use.

You can record any thing just in 5 simple steps and store the
recorded file as mp3 file, follow the procedure below to know how.

1. Run Digital Audio Recorder and Choose the audio recording source.

2. Browse for the output mp3 file storage folder.

3. Select the Bitrate or let it be default (64 bits)

4. Click Start Recording

5. After you are done with recording simply click the same button
Stop Recording, file recorded will be automatically saved to the output
location folder.

google chrome

Very recently
google announced on their official google blog about the release of
full setup offline standalone installer for google chrome from now on.

When you go to google chrome site and try to download google chrome,
you will get a small file of approx 534 kb which is not the full setup
of google chrome as it will again download and google chrome from the

This means that if you have the web installer of google chrome called ChromeSetup. exe, you cannot download and install google chrome with this installer on any computer which is not connected to internet.

If you want to install google chrome on a computer which is not
connected to internet then you need to have the full setup offline
standalone installer for google chrome.

But the this version of google chrome full setup may not auto update in
future but you can configure after installation of google chrome with
this offline installer for google chrome.

Download Google Chrome Full Setup Offline Standalone Installer

See Also: Download Google Chrome Full Setup For Latest Version [ Offline Installer ]

end your tasks – simple way

JustCloseSomeTasks is a small FREE utility which lets you close inactive tasks running on your computer and lets you free up the taskbar space.

It so simple to use as it automatically list up all the tasks which are
in opened state but inactive, out of which you can select which ones
you want to end.

With JustCloseSomeTasks you can save the taskbar space and free up the memory portion and CPU being utilised by these inactive tasks.

It also lets you configure hot keyboard shortcut to launch the application and can be run automatically on windows startup.

Just in case if you did not set any shortcuts while installing the application press the hotkey button (Ctrl-` by default – change via system tray -> preferences) and all windows opened gets listed with the ones older than 120 seconds checked.

Some of the tasks are automatically marked for closing
when they’re not being used for a certain amount of time (expiry time).
JustCloseSomeTasks will learn your behaviour and lets you adjust this
expiry time under preferences.

Download JustCloseSomeTasks

System Resources Downloads

Glary Registry Repair 3

Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. Glarysoft Registry Repair allows you to fix your registry and optimize your PCs performance with a few simple mouse clicks.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

Top 10 Popular Resources

System Explorer 1.5

This full-featured system analyzing tool lets you take a sneak peek at everything that’s going on in your system.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

  Gadwin PrintScreen 4.4
Capture screenshots with ease.
License: Free
Platform: Windows


  Disk Investigator 1.31
Scan the hidden or unreadable contents of your hard drive.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

ZipItFree 1.9

ZipItFree was designed to be better than WinZip and WinRar combined. Save disk space and e-mail transmission time.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

  PrimoPDF 4.1
Print to PDF from Windows applications and optimize the PDF output.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

  Smart Defrag 1.11
Defrag your hard drive in the background automatically.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

Free Fire Screensaver 1.26

Set your desktop virtually on fire – including icons and all open windows will appear to catch on fire.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

  ThreatFire AntiVirus Free Edition 4.0
Protect your PC against viruses, rootkits, buffer overflows, and malware.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

  Process Blocker 0.5
Prevent the running of any unwanted applications by predefined list.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

Recover Files 2

Recover permanently deleted files from hard disks and removable media with this small, fast, useful, practical and powerful tool.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

AVI to WMV converter

Free AVI to WMV converter allows you to convert any AVI file to WMV file, WMV stands for Windows Media Video, It was developed by Microsoft specifically for internet streaming. You can view WMV files in widows media player which comes default in windows.
The codec required to view WMV files comes already embedded with windows media player but if your windows is quite older you can go for a upgrade to download the latest version of windows media player.
While converting any AVI file to WMV format you can select any bit rate including 256, 384, 768 or the best VBR (Variable Bitrate)
Program interface is quite simple and easy to use, you just need to load AVI files from the specified folder and click convert button to start the conversion.
The time taken for the conversion of AVI file into WMV file depends on the size of the AVI file.
Note: Free AVI to WMV Converter will create the WMV in the same folder where the AVI files resides

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