fatal: no submodule mapping found in .gitmodules for path ”

if you accidently delete your submodule folder and there are enteries in your .git config files, you have to manually remove from

  • .git/modules/<submodule folder>

remove following entries


[submodule ".\\services\\projectWCFService"] 
url = https://github.com/jagsmcp/project1.git active = true


  • .git/config/
  • .gitmodules

if you still see the error, use

git reset

How to: Project, frameworks, common projects, libs – Part 1

If you have been asked to upgrade the project structure or taken over some tasks to revamp your git repository in more meaningful manner- definitely, there will challenges ahead and among them would be inter-dependency of projects on common library developed in-house or 3rd party, which has its own life-cycle – master, dev, hotfix, and release.

Setup your common library projects

  • Upload your projects to git repository as usual projects.
  • Upload your Main project to git repository as usual projects.

Linking / Sub-module

git submodule add https://github.com/jagsmcp/fileFactory

git commit -am 'added fileFactory module'

git push origin master


git clone https://github.com/jagsmcp/MainProject
git submodule init
git submodule update

or use one simple command

git clone --recursive https://github.com/jagsmcp/MainProject

#git cloning at root working folder. #bitbucket

if you are trying to clone git repository at root or current folder following command and switch –

PS C:\work\projects\repos\project1>git clone <repo> .

The “.” at the end denotes current folder

Resolve Git error: src refspec master does not match any

If you often come across this error it is likely you need to add additional step when you push existing source code to new repository.

Regular steps:

PS C:\work\projects\repos>git remote add origin <repo>

PS C:\work\projects\repos>git push -u origin master

if you see an error during git push, use following steps –

PS C:\work\projects\repos>git remote add origin <repo>

PS C:\work\projects\repos>git add -- all

PS C:\work\projects\repos>git commit -m "initial master"

PS C:\work\projects\repos>git push -u origin master


Serve Nodejs requests through IIS


  • Windows Server 2016 x64
  • IIS 10.0

Confirm IIS is up and running using http://localhost/

iis running

Tools/libraries you need


  • node is installed using the version check
  • node-check
  • iisnode is registered in your IIS module
  • iisnode-module-iis

Register sample files from iisnode under Default Website in IIS.


Once it is done, verify samples are accessible via browser http://localhost/node.


Please note – if sample node sites fail to run at first, add IUSR and Network Service users to allow access sample files folder.

network service



App Service Editor in Azure Portal

Just like me, if you are after online editing in Azure portal for your deployed webapps or app service,  you can do it using Portal > websites > <Your Wesite>

Look for App Service Editor (Preview) > Click Go -> on the right pane.


Enjoy editing!

Node.js on Android.

You heard it right. Follow this link 


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