10 Amphibians You Didn’t Know About

So many amazing animals, so little we know about them! This is your chance to get more up to date with some rare animals. The Zoological Society has published the list of 10 most rare and unusual kinds of amphibians, threatened by extinction and to be included in new conservation programs set for 2008. Zoologists hope that this list and pictures will convince sponsors and enthusiasts to get involved.

The list includes the Chinese giant salamander who reaches 1,8 meters at length, the Sagalla caecilian with its indefinite form

The Chinese giant salamander who reaches 1,8 meters at length

The Lilac frog that spends the most part of year four meters under the ground

You can also see the illusive frog that lives in traditional human places of burial in Skeletal gorge in Southern Africa

A blind salamander with a transparent leather which hunts due to sense of smell and electrosensitivity and can live without food up to 10 years

The Mexican salamander has no lungs, but breathes through a leather and corners of a mouth

The Iridescent frog Malagasy can climb up vertical rocks and inflates when it is threatened

The Chilean frog of Darwin that carries its offsprings in the mouth but hasn’t been seen since 1980 and can be already died out

The male Betic puts oosperms around of their back legs and is more of 150 million of years old

Zooglossusa Gardner – a frog, that, as an adult does not exceed 11 millimeters


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